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Activminerals is an unique mixture of synergistically acting vitamins and minerals for overall nutrition and body resistance.



B1 - Thiamin

B2 - Riboflavin

B3 - Nicotinamide

B5 - pantothenic acid

B6 - Pyridoxine

B7 - Biotin

B9 - folic acid


vitamin C

vitamin D

vitamin E

vitamin K1





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It is an unique mixture of minerals and vitamins and information concerning their clinical studies and experience when we are talking about the overall diet and body resistance, also suitable for mentally and physically active people.


Vitamins are an essential part of human nutrition. Although their daily need to take only a negligible amount are among the indispensable nutrients. For their indispensability while sufficient for small quantities essential for maintaining a healthy metabolism and functioning of the body vitamins belong to the so-called. "Essential" micronutrients.

B1 – Thiamin - regulates peripheral nerve function

Other effects on the body

-       it prevents the dumping of toxic substances in the body

-       necessary for the proper heart´s function

-       needed for energy from carbohydrates, fat and alcohol

-       it has an stimulating effect on the nervous system

-       counteracts moodiness

-       improves quality of sleeping

-       supports the creation of acetylcholine / needed for a good memory, attention /

-       ensures appropriate levels of oxygen in the blood

-       relieves pain

-       by diabetes patients it is a part of the treatment and the prevention of diabetic complications


-       lack of B1 causes: problems with concentration, headaches, muscle wasting, weight loss, exhaustion, depression, irritability, loss of appetite

B2 - Riboflavin - every cell in the human body needs that vitamin


Other effects on the body        


-       it participates in several chemical reactions in the body

-       plays an important role in somatic growth, stimulates the production of thyroid hormone

-       it helps with the absorption of iron and restores red blood cells production

-       it supports vision and helps prevent cataracts

-       improves performance

-       it is used in the treatment of carpal / wrist / tunnel

-       reduces appetite for sweets

-       it promotes tissue healing

-       in a daily use it reduces the number of migraine attacks by up to 1.3

-       lack of B2 causes: cracking of the lips, inflammation corners of the mouth and swallowing difficulty, exhaustion, personality disorders, disorders of iron absorption, anemia, anxiety, hypertension


B3-Nicotinamide – has an irreplaceable role in converting food into energy


Other effects on the body

-       it supports the digestive tract, skin and nerves

-       relieves the symptoms of allergies

-       it supports the digestive system

-       lowers harmful LDL cholesterol

-       treats phlebitis

-       supportive material for the treatment of nervous system


-       lack of B3 causes: fatigue and exhaustion, irritability, sadness, loss of appetite, diarrhea, headache, insomnia


B5 – Pantothenic acid - this vitamin is essential for the metabolic processing of the nutrients and indispensable for the synthesis of hormones and cholesterol.


Other effects on the body


-       it acts favorably on the digestion of fat and protein conversion

-       good for hair, nails and skin

it stimulates tissue regeneration, wound healing

-       protects the skin from UV rays

-       harmonizes the nervous system

-       helps increase the ability to concentrate

-       it prevents deposition of bad cholesterol in artery walls

-       indirectly helps break down fats

-       inhibits withdrawal symptoms during of smoking quitting


-lack of B5 causes: inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, and skin, increased heart rate, exhaustion, sleep disturbances, diarrhea


B6 - Pyridoxine - slowing down the growth of tumors, protects cells from mutant


Other effects on the body

-       it participates on the formation, muscle recovery and reduce stress

-       it slows growing of tumor, protects cells from mutating

-       plays an important role in the metabolism of the red blood cells

-       important in skeleton´s growth and development.

-       lowers harmful LDL cholesterol

-       balances hormone levels

-       helps prevent the formation of kidney stones

-       reduces the formation of dandruff, removes oily skin

-       speeds up metabolism

-       reduces exhaustion

-       increases levels of dopamine, it promotes optimism and good mood

-       relieves menstrual problems

-       it has a good effect on the nervous system (reduces numbness, inflammation of nerves, accelerates the treatment of carpal tunnel)


-       lack of B6 causes: rash, skin irritation, abdominal pain and cramps, immune disorders, growth, sleeping, hair loss, learning disabilities, exhaustion


Vitamin – B7- Biotin - Supports fat absorption and overall metabolism


Other effects on the body

-       it strengthens hair growth, prevents its loss and gray hair

-       it promotes healthy skin, protects against eczema and skin inflammations

-       adjusts the quality of nails

-       acts against depression, promotes good sleep

-       regulates blood glucose levels

-       protects against damage of nerves in diabetes

-       lack of B7 causes: dermatitis, hair loss, muscle pain, vomiting, exhaustion, anorexia, anemia


B9 – Folic acid - one of the most important vitamins. Folic acid is a naturally occurring substance which is important for the production of DNA and RNA synthesis (ie. the nucleic acid), which are important for the growth and division of every cell in the body. People under constant stress should increase their attention to its use.


Other effects on the body

-       it is essential for the production of red blood cells, treatment of anemia and healthy development of cells

-       participates in the metabolism of amino acids and the nucleotide

-       benefits the nervous system and its use can help the overall emotional health

-       it prevents the formation of heart attack and stroke

-       it reduces the risk of embryonic malformations during pregnancy

-       it stimulates the production of gastric acid, increasing appetite

-       reduces homocysteine levels

-       improves the quality of hair and skin

-       it supports the liver, stomach, intestines

-       helps to prevent lung cancer, large intestine and anus cancer

-       promotes production of noradrenaline and serotonin


-       lack of B9 causes: anemia, reproductive problems, disturbance of absorption, paleness, weakness, sleep disturbances


B12 - it is the bearer of vital energy


Other effects on body

-       it is important for the metabolism

-       essential for the formation of red blood cells

-       indispensable for the operation of central nervous system

-       it decreases along with folic acid homocysteine

-       improves memory and concentration

-       it promotes good mood


-lack of B12 causes: decrease of bone marrow, dermatitis, disorders of carbohydrate metabolism, growth disorders, memory loss, nervous disorders, multiple sclerosis, shortness of breath


Vitamin C - promotes overall good health and protects the body from infection, trauma and stress. Smoking one cigarette can consume 120mg of vitamin C, surviving of great emotion to 2000mg


Other effects on the body

-       it is an important antioxidant, protecting body tissues and other vitamins of free radicals and aging

-       needed for the production of collagen (protein necessary for healthy teeth, bones, gums, cartilage and skin

-       it increases the body's defenses against infectious and viral diseases

-       it is required for the normal regulation of somatic growth

-       it is a natural antihistamine

-       has beneficial effects on the eyes, it applies in the treatment of cataracts

-       helps with healing wounds

-       helps blood formation - helps with the absorption of iron from food

-       helps in the treatment of varicose veins and hemorrhoids

-       degrades cholesterol in the liver, protects against heart disease

-       protects against cancer of the pancreas, esophagus, stomach, anus

-       treats bleeding gums

-       stimulates the production of white blood cells


-lack of Vitamin C causes: scurvy, bleeding gums, susceptibility to infections, teeth loss, hair loss, anemia


Vitamin D - indispensable for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, also for the formation of bones and teeth


Other effects on the body

-       it stimulates the thyroid gland

-       helps to eliminate toxic substances from the body

-       preventively acts against cancer of the colon, breast and prostate

-       treats inflammation of the joints

-       it stimulates the thyroid gland

-       is effective against osteoporosis and osteomalacia

-       increases immunity and resistance to diseases


-       lack of Vitamin D causes: osteopathy, diminished resistance to infection, nervous system´s disorders


Vitamin E - as a biological antioxidant protects cells against aging and free radicals. Slows aging and increases the resistance of the human body.


Other effects on the body

-       decreases DNA damage and chromosomal

-       affects production of red blood cells

-       improves physical and sexual performance

-       increases the detoxification ability of the liver

-       rejuvenates the skin and prevents wrinkles

-       it is effective for rheumatism, problems with the cartilage and connective tissue

-       increases the elasticity of the vascular tissue

-       relieves menstrual problems

-       it participates in recovery and muscle growth

-       it reduces the formation of blood clots

-       plays an important role in the prevention of coronary heartdisease


-       lack of Vitamin E causes: nervous system and muscles disorders, increased lipid peroxidation in liver, anemia, age spots on the hands, dry skin, oily hair, infertility


Calcium - for a man it is the essential nutrients and simultaneously the most abundant mineral in our bodies. 99% of this element is stored in bones and teeth, the remaining 1% is found in the body tissue and fluid. Overall, the content in the body is at the level of 700 to 1400 grams.


Other effects on the body

-       it is important for neuromuscular excitability and for nerve conduction

-       takes care to preserve the good condition of bones and teeth

it is needed for blood clotting, healing and muscle activity

-       coordinates the heart contractions and constant pulse, lowers blood pressure

-       reduces the toxic effects of lead and cadmium

-       it is involved in important biochemical reactions

-       reduces allergic reactions

-       after strenuous physical activity (sports) helps the human body to deal with an excess of lactic acid

-       diminishes the impact of stress and its related sleep´s disorders

-       it promotes iron´s metabolism


-       lack of Calcium causes: especially in childhood can lead later in life to bucking of a bone and their increased brittleness. Calcium deficiency causes hair loss and contributes to the development of osteoporosis, increased dental caries, anxiety attacks, convulsions and muscle pain and tics, difficulty walking, brittle nails, grinding of teeth, palpitations


Magnesium - in the human body participates in over 300 different biochemical reactions and to over 100 enzymatic processes. Half of the magnesium in the body is located in the cells throughout the body, the rest along with the phosphorus and calcium is stored in bones. Only 1% of magnesium is in the blood.


Other effects on the body

-       it improves mental state and protects against the effects of stress

-       it stabilizes cell membranes by interacting with phospholipids

-       assists with the acquisition and utilizes of solar energy

-       regulates thyroid function

-       a carrier of insulin, controls blood glucose level

-       has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and is involved in neuromuscular excitability

-       by cholesterol´s dysfunction activation eliminates cholesterol

-       it supports the function of the intestines, gall bladder and urinary bladder

-       it inhibits creation of hemorrhoids

-       it promotes longevity

-       relieves menstrual problems

-       it prevents to save calcium in the kidneys / inhibits making of kidney stones /

-       it promotes proper function of prostate


-       lack of Magnesium causes: cardiac arrhythmia, congestive renal failure, irritability, fatigue, neuromuscular dysfunction, heavy cramps in the feet and calves, chest pains, eyelid tics, tingling in the extremities.


Potassium – it isthe essential mineral element (alkali metal) by nutritionists is called macro-elements, as it is needed for the electrochemical processes cited in the body in large quantities.


Other effects on the body

-       plays an important role in the transfer of nerve impulses and muscle, in the maintenance of normal nerve excitability, in the cell metabolism, with the enzyme reactions and muscle protein synthesis from amino acids in the blood,

-       plays an important role in the prevention of heart attacks - moderates and calms the flow of blood and prevents blood clots, which helps to inhibit the strokes

-       effects on blood vessels, and stretches them and that is why , blood pressure is lowering

-       plays a role in carbohydrate digestion, by the transmission of glycogen, stimulates insulin secretion

-       it is involved in maintaining the pH balance of the body

-       affects the osmotic pressure of the intracellular fluid and water management

-       in quantity has a diuretic effect – helps the body to eliminate harmful substances

-       it is important for proper growth, keeps the skin healthy,

-       stimulates kidney´s function

-       acts against fatigue and irritability


-       lack of Potassium causes: tingling in the extremities, increasing blood pressure, causes drowsiness, muscles’ spasms, muscles´ weakness, irregular pulse, humming in the ears, vomiting, sickness


Sodium (Natrium) - for the body it is a very important mineral substance, whose main function is to regulate the distribution of body fluids and acid-base balance.

Other effects on the body

-       it supports the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates

-       stimulates kidney´s function

-       effects on the water management in the body

-       it facilitates digestion by promoting the secretion of stomach juices

-       it regulates chemical processes and helps the digestion process

-       it is an important mineral for growth

-       ensures the nerve fizz cable

-       acts against spasms in the muscles


lack of Sodium (Natrium) causes: palpitations, low blood pressure, concentration´s disorders, sickness, vomiting, fatigue


Magnesium sulfate - adjusts pH


Attention! According to the EP and Council Regulation EC no. 1924 of 2006 can not be attributed to any other dietary supplement nutrition and health claims except as permitted. This information refers to the general effects of the individual components of which you can read in encyclopedias and educational literature.All information on nutrition and health claims are a set of information freely available from domestic and foreign sources of information and are not proof of the actual operation of nutritional supplements or their nutritional and medicinal properties. Unless the consumer wants accurate information verified by professional and scientific studies, it is important to become familiar with them through all available technical resources. But also the possible positive and side effects of a dietary supplement before use must be always first consulted with your doctor!

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