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chestnut extract
extract from kostihoja
extract from boswelia
extract from canabis
extract of rosemary
eucalyptus extract

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ACTIVBODY SPRAY acts regenerative and relaxing on the musculoskeletal system. Plant extracts in spray have antiinflammatory, antibacterial, antiallergic, and regenerative effects on skin. They also act on dermatitidis, atopic exem, psoriasis, and hives. Activbody spray adds to the body a range of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. It absorbs quickly and leaves a pleasant, faint feel.


Aesculus hippokastanum is known as vascular tonicum and antiphlogistics. Active ingredients from chestnut increase the resistance of the veins and improve vein tonus. It acts antiinflammatory and accelerates absorption of swelling. The substance contained in the extract - aesculin - maintains the capillary condition and improves its resistance. This is used in the treatment of varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Clinical studies have shown that it is effective against the so called “heavy legs” (night cramps due to venous inflammation). Activbody spray accelerates the absorption of bruises. It suppresses different types of exem. It is also effective for treating painful joints and arthritis. It improves the flow of blood in blood vessels, which prevents thrombus formation. It firms the skin and acts on the skin as a tonic.

Boswellia serrata: rare aromatic resin, the incense is obtained from the storm of an incendiary. Incense was and still is an important and irreplaceable part of religious rites. In ancient Egypt, it was an important ingredient for the process of mummification. It contains dozens of terpenes that give it a special scent. An important component is also the so- boswel acids with anti-inflammatory effects already known in ancient Arab medicine. The incense extract has proven antiviral (including retrovirus), antibacterial and antimycotic properties. In addition, it also acts against arthritis and other inflammatory diseases of the joints.

Cannabis sativa: has positive effects on skin, nails and hair. Helps patients with atopic dermatitis and psoriasis, has anti-inflammatory effects in joint diseases and inflammation.

Eukalyptus regnans, except the beneficial effect of eucalyptus on breathing, it also helps wound healing, promotes concentration and works against migraine and insomnia. It has anti-inflammatory and disinfecting properties. It cleans the air, has repellent effects against insects and is an active part of repellent mosquito preparations. It also dampens the pain.

Rosmarinus officinalis in folk medicine as well as in the pharmaceutical industry it is used to increase blood circulation and relieve pain, especially muscle, joint and nerve, also removing the feeling of cold in the limbs. When used externally, it cleanses the skin, removes eczema and heals wounds. It has a sharp gauze flavor and a strong aromatic scent.

Symphytum officinale: acts as an anti-inflammatory, regenerative and protective agent. In particular, it is used for wound healing and tissue regeneration. In folk healing, the symphytum root is used in the form of cladding, especially in fractures, and in all injuries and pains in the bones, muscles, joints as well as in inflammation, heals small and bruises.

Gauphor: stimulates the nerve endings sensitively to cold and heat so that coolant acts on fine application and chewing gum for longer and stronger application. This causes local anesthesia - numbness and pain relief. It has antimicrobial properties. Ayurvedic medicine uses it as part of tea blends with an anti-inflammatory effect and to dampen the feeling of elevated temperature. Gauphor was part of the paregoric tincture (opium camphor tincture), which was developed in the 18th century and was the most popular anti-diarrheal, cough, re-cooling, sedative, tooth-cleaning medicine. Its use ended with the onset of opium regulation in the 20th century.

Menthol: used in many products for many reasons. For example, to relieve throat pain, for oral cavity treatment, coughing, to relieve itching, as a topical analgesic in skin exfoliations, minor injuries but also headaches. It is also used as an antiseptic to treat after-shave wounds. 

Panthenol: easily penetrates into the skin where it quickly oxidizes to panthothenic acid. It is very hygroscopic, it binds to water and so hydratates the skin. It is important for the coenzyme A biosynthesis, which plays an important role in many enzymatic reactions and cell growth. It is used in many cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, especially for sunburned skin, but also for minor skin injuries or inflammations. Reduces skin itching and burns caused by tan or other factors. It improves skin elasticity and accelerates healing of injuries and reverts skin damage.




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