Cordycoffee 220 g + Activcordyceps - 30 tablets

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Product Cordycoffee 220g:
100% Arabica
500 mg of ordycep in each coffee

Activcordyceps capsules 30 pcs:
400 mg / capsule
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40 lots of coffee. 500 mg in each ordycepsu coffee + Activcordyceps 30 tablets - 400mg/tablets

Coffee + Cordyceps Sinensis - CORDYCEPS – (soldier grainy cup) – it is a medicinal mushroom that comes from western China. Due to its insulated growth is gathering Cordyceps complicated and expensive procedure. Cordyceps sinensis i.e. Chinese caterpillar (Cordyceps) is a very remarkable kind of parasitic fungus. Its life cycle is highly unusual and exceptional.

Cordyceps has long been a major component of traditional Chinese medicine. It is used for over 5000 years as a source of power, for fixture of health and treatment of many diseases, and has been classified as "lengthening of life". It is used as a means of rejuvenating agent to increase energy levels. It is known as a remedy against weakness and fatigue. In Chinese medicine, it is very appreciated its ability to complement the essence of Jing in the kidney. This essence is extremely important and is often equated to a candle when the upwards run of our life is ended. There are not many resources that are able to complement the essence of Jing. Traditional Chinese medicine describes Cordyceps sinensis as a natural antibiotic, neutralization of different poisons, antioxidant and as a stimulant of the human body and spirit. It is further stated that the extract of Cordyceps Sinensis helps with colds, inflammation of the respiratory tract, urinary tract and also helps to restore the liver and kidneys. It is also recommended in traditional medicine for disorders of the heart and blood vessels. It helps muscle recovery after heavy load. It improves among other things mental functioning (learning ability). It is suitable to use as a precautionary measure to improve immunity and mental well-being. It can also be taken to improve the quality of sexual life and increase libido, due to its long-term popularity in China as an aphrodisiac.

In ancient China, it was used by doctors to reinforce the kidney and the lung. It is able to widen the airway, resulting in an increase of oxygen in blood. Beside osteoporosis, it promotes the production of estrogen. Traditionally, Cordyceps is also used to strengthen defenses by repeated infections or chronic inflammation (it has similar effects to steroids, but without their negative side expressions). Beside the viral and bacterial infections - is called a "natural antibiotic". It contains polysaccharide, which confer an immunity response to viral or bacterial infection, e.g. Streptococcus pneumoniae, Candida alabicans.

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