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Chitosan - 400 mg / capsule
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Chitosan - 400 mg /tablets
Chitosan is the most important source of polysaccharides (composite carbohydrates). It consists of chitin contained in shells of crustaceans and cell walls of some types of fungi. It is non-toxic and biodegradable. This is why it is increasingly being applied not only as a supportive diet but also in cosmetics or biotechnology. Nutritionists refer to chitosan as the sixth element essential for life along with proteins, fats, sugars, mineral compounds and vitamins.

Chitin fibers have the ability to bind and eliminate bile acids and cholesterol from the digestive system. This reduces the level of LDL cholesterol in the blood. Regular use helps control the metabolism of blood sugar and blood circulation.

Its individual components facilitate the movement of the stomach contents further into the intestinal tract. It also helps to strengthen the lining of the intestines and improves their peristalsis.
Chitosan cleanses the digestive system and the whole body from toxins and from heavy metals such as lead and mercury, also by attaching and removing the stool. It can also activate the body's natural defenses.
Chitosan facilitates weight maintenance and is also recommended for people suffering from fatty metabolism disorders. Researchers examining the use of chitosan used for less than 12 days did not find any benefits (Int. J. Obesity 2002, 26 (1): 119-1122) To allow chitosan to be taken for at least 12 weeks until its effects occur.

Chitosan increases insulin efficiency
A recent experiment has shown that chitosan helps prevent diabetes in mice, particularly in the form of diabetes, which is related to obesity. (Biol., Pharm.Bull., 2002, 25 (2): 188-1192). This experiment has shown that chitosan can help lower blood sugar. In addition, other studies have found that chitosan balances the effects of insulin-producing cells. (J. Biomater, Sci Polym, 2001, 12 (11): 1243-1252),
Effective healer of skin and soft tissues

Chitosan has a chemical structure somewhat similar to the chemical structure of glucosamine, a known natural treatment for arthritis. That is, they behave the same way as glucosamine in terms of tissue healing.
Chinese scientists have found similar benefits for chitosan (Zhong Wai 1998, 36 (6): 379-381). For example, chitosan has been shown to reduce scar formation after injury and to prevent adhesions (when your tissues become fused) after joint damage. Long-term use of chitosan, maintaining healthy ligaments and generally improving joint mobility (Zhong Xiu 2000, 14 (2): 80-82).

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