Sprays, absorption of active substances through the skin (transdermal transport)

Generally, human body allows different pathways of drugs or active substances delivery to their intended effect. They are shorter and faster, as well as paths that are significantly slower. In addition, active substances may be exposed to adverse effects during their way to the place of destination, which may lead to their modification or degradation. NANO PRODUCTS VIDEO

  1. order to act, active substances have to get into the blood and they can be transported to the desired place by the cardiovascular system.

Practically, the fastest route is application directly to the cardiovascular system by intravenous injection or intravenous infusion. However, this is not practically possible in the case of daily dietary supplements.

Simple way is oral use of food supplements. Various tablets, capsules, solutions, drops, suspensions, emulsions, syrups or healthy beverages can be used in this way. This form of taking nutritional supplements is very simple and especially for everyone very pleasant. The disadvantage is that the drug can only enter the bloodstream after it passes through the digestive tract to the liver, from where it actually enters the blood via the portal vein. By the passage of the drug through the digestive tract and the liver, there may be less or greater conversion (metabolism) of effective substances what can lead to decrease in efficacy or degradation and inactivation of the active substance.

For fast and guaranteed administration of the active ingredient, a transdermal therapeutic system is used, when the drug is administered through the skin. The active ingredient is administered in the form of a patch, cream, gel or sprays, penetrates the skin and gets directly into the bloodstream. Thus, for example, anti nicotine formulations are provided to escape from smoking. Patches or creams and gels are use for pain release as well.

The application of the spray formulation of the active substances to the skin is one of the alternatives which is becoming and will be more preferred prior to the use of tablets or prior to injection. For the application of wrinkle sprays or locally to the affected site, active substances are transdermally absorbed into the bloodstream. We are thus experiencing exposure to active substances in the mouth or stomach or other parts of the digestive tract, and hence the risk of modification or degradation of the active substances. The skin provides a large surface area suitable for absorption. It is shown that absorption in this case is much faster than when taken as a tablet or capsule.

Activstar has in its product portfolio sprays made with special technology, which contributes to better absorption and effectiveness of active ingredients.

For example, ACTIV HAIR spray is used directly on the affected area - on the hairline of the scalp and contributes to strengthening hair follicles and hair growth, limiting their weakness and loss.

ACTIV BODY Spray acts regenerative and relaxing on the motion apparatus. The plant extracts contained therein have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiallergic and regenerative effects on the skin and individual parts of the locomotive apparatus. The preparation adds to the body many useful substances such as antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. It is applied to the affected area, absorbs quickly and leaves a pleasant feeling.

The next spray in ACTIVSTAR is ACTIV MAGNESIUM. This spray supplies the body with magnesium - one of the most important minerals for the proper functioning of the human body.

ACTIV LIFE spray works to stimulate and refresh the body both physically and mentally. It contributes to strengthening potency, strengthens the sexual libido of men and women. It adds energy to ordinary life, acts on mental stimulation and helps improve physical performance.

Very interesting is ACTIV BOSWELLIA spray. The extract of incense (frackince) has strong anti-inflammatory effects in the skin, joints but also in other cases. In addition, it has strong disinfectant, antiviral and antibacterial effects. It also acts as a natural analgesic. It contributes to the correct functioning of the immune system, digestive system and central nervous system, including the brain. It activates the lymphatic system and thus also acts against cellulite. It slows down the aging of the skin and improves the look of scars and scarves.

ACTIV C - vitamin C in a spray form has a positive effect on the vitality and regeneration of the body, it contributes to its freshness and elasticity when it is applied to the skin and triggers the regeneration processes. The company offers two pleasant fragrances - citrus and lemon grass.

ACTIV NANO SPRAY has a wide spectrum of uses. It contains colloidal silver, which is considered a natural antibiotic. It also has antibacterial and disinfecting effects. It helps with scratches, scratches, but also with infections of the throat, mucous membranes, eyes and ears. You can find more information here.

All these sprays are applied to the affected area (scalp, skin, sore joints, muscle spasms...), where they are absorbed locally and act directly on the site (ACTIV HAIR, ACTIV BODY, ACTIV NANO) or on the wrist (ACTIV LIFE), where they enter directly into the lymphatic system and into the blood capillaries and from there to the whole body. ACTIV MAGNESIUM, ACTIV BOSWELLIA, ACTIV C are applied to the wrist or directly to the site where they are to be treated. The ACTIV BOSWELLIA and ACTIV C sprays also have a cosmetic effect - they act directly on the localized skin at the application site and trigger regenerative processes in the individual skin cells in all layers of the skin and contribute to slowing the aging of the skin and its elasticity.

More information about sprays can be found here


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