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40 doses of coffee
100% Brazilian arabica selection directly from the farmer. From a scale of 0-100, she scored 84 points, which she calls her extra special category
500 mg shiitake in each coffee

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40 lots of coffee. 500 mg in each shiitake coffee.

Coffee + Shiitake - (Lentinusedodes) – it isa rare fungus for its healing powers focused mainly on upper airway disease, poor circulation and liver problems. Medicinal mushroom Shiitake has natural antibacterial properties and helps in the treatment of ulcers and stomach problems. It is already more than 1,000 years known as medicine in Korea and China. In the treatment of people affected by the explosion of the atomic bomb at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was tested a number of supporting materials, but as the most effective were the effects of the fruiting bodies of mushrooms Shiitake.

Shiitake mushrooms act like a sponge that sucks up toxic substances from the body and thus effectively absorb radioactive radiation. Studies have found anti-tumor effects, lowering of cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Clinical studies have shown a life-prolonging with advanced gastric cancer, colon cancer, treated with chemotherapy. Shiitake mushrooms, as well as oyster, contain beta glucans. Some of the design of clinical studies has shown that beta-glucan, a polysaccharide generated from shiitake, which received the name of lentinan, has the ability to support the growth of white blood cells. Shiitake contain up to 37 g of fiber per 100 g, about 17 g of protein. We may find B vitamins, in particular B1, B2, B3, and B5, vitamin D, and iron, as well as calcium, potassium and phosphorus. Lentinan lowers blood cholesterol levels. This "medical" fungus belongs to the best researched and immune agents with the most evidence of their anticancer activity. There are also a large number of proteins in Shiitake mushroom comparable to the meat protein content, but with less fat content of Shitake. From a medical point of view it is now recognized as a natural remedy to treat a number of diseases of civilization.


In Japan medicine, according to available sources it is used for about 2,000 years. They say it also elixir of life or longevity mushroom because of its healing properties: reduces the risk of high blood pressure (n. low pressure does not increase) strengthen the overall defenses against viral diseases. It is examined as a means to fight cancer. Furthermore, it has the importance for immune support. One of the substances that Shiitake contains is lentinan. It is a glucan, which has been introduced in Japan as a standard part of the treatment of some tumors. It has immune-stimulating, anti-infectives (eliminates viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infectious diseases), antitumor and radioprotective effects. He proves to be successful in the treatment and prevention of acne. Next to the activating effects on the body also acts as free radical scavengers and as an antioxidant.


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