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Activprobio - why to take probiotics?

  • Helps strengthen the immune system

  •  Helps restore healthy intestinal microflora, which can be disrupted by the use of antibiotics and hormones

  •   It has a beneficial effect on increasing the resistance of the intestines to pathogenic microorganisms

  •   It supports the reduction of the level of total and harmful LDL cholesterol

  •   Helps reduce the formation of bacterial enzyme in the colon with mutagenic effects

Probiotics are very beneficial for the organism, which have a very important role in the body of the host. They are found primarily in the digestive tract, which colonize and prevent other bacteria from unwanted overgrowth. The proper functioning and balance of our digestive tract results in enhanced immunity and resistance to a wide variety of diseases and infections.

Laktobacillus acidophilus -1mld.CFU - probiotic
Inulin - prebiotic

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