Resveratrol as the main active ingredient of Activcell and Activresveratrols is mainly found in the skin and the seeds of grapevine and in the skin and seeds of blackcurrant, grapefruit and red wine. Resveratrol belongs to incredibly strong antioxidants and as an antioxidant it has a wide protective effect on cells, tissues, organs and the whole organism.

Resveratrol has a very good effect on:

1. The metabolism of lipid

2. Protects the cardiovascular system, prevents the excessive restraint of blood

3. Reduces the tension of blood vessels, prevents the oxidation of cholesterol

4. Has a positive effect on the prevention of prostate cancer

5. Significant effect against number of types of malignant cancer (it blocks all sequential processes during which a healthy cell turns into a cancer cell)

6. Strengthens the effect of some antiretroviral drugs

7. It has the ability to slow the process of degeneration of the brain in some neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease and the others

8. Is 20 times stronger than vitamin C

9. Is 5 times stronger than beta-carotene

10. It has a 50 x higher antioxidant effect than vitamin E

11. It has the ability to prevent aging of the cells and the whole organism

12. The body's antioxidant system strengthens significantly, it is prolonging life and it has an exerting beneficial effect on human health

13. It is maximally safe; no side effects have been demonstrated when it was used.

Resveratrol - More detailed information, attractions, facts

In 1981, Japanese scientists identified resveratrol and soon after that the study of the effects of resveratrol on the human organism has become the subject of expert studies of scientists from many countries of the world and lasts until now.

The work of PhD David Sinclair from Harvard University is showing that resveratrol affects the activity of sirtuin which are producing the genes (it is a group of seven genes associated with the aging process, called "long-term genes." The key to extension the life is to increase the gene activity, SIR1. These genes have a role to regulate the numerous biological processes and to repair the damaged DNA).

Sirtuin is considered to be molecules with a beneficial effect on health with a marvellous effect on prolonging the life. It seems to me that the hereditary information is more resilient to damage, it has a beneficial effect on the lifespan. The sirtuin is protecting from DNA damage and it prevents the cells from the damage during the time, for example, by free radicals.

Scientists have focused to look for substances that increase the activity of the SIRT1 gene in human cells and the most effective has come the resveratrol from all comparisons by increasing the activity of it 13 times.

The Sinclair sees the effects of resveratrol in explanation called French paradox. Under this sign there is hidden the fact that the French are suffering bout 40% less of incidence of cardiovascular disease than it should be shown amount the fat which they consume in the food. Unlike the other fat lovers, the French are increasing the rate of drinking a red wine and Sinclair is convinced that the resveratrol of the wine activates the red sirtuin gene in the body of French lovers. The cells that would otherwise be seriously damaged by unhealthy lifestyles have a chance for "healing" and to survive due to sirtuins. To overstrain the tissues of heart muscle or brain neurons will last longer according that.

The Italian scientists led by the neurologist Allessandr Cellerin of Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa also tested the resveratrol on vertebrate animals. He has chosen a special tropical fish called Nothobranchius furzeri, which is considered to have the shortest life of the vertebrate animals. It usually dies at the age-old 3 months. Cellerino described the life of this fish in the year 2003 and from that time he has suggested this as an excellent laboratory model for aging research (for example, the mouse lives under laboratory conditions for about 2 years, and the research of their length is a long track). A total of 150 fish fed various food enriched with resveratrol and watched them not only to prolong life but they have also improved the health and the greater vitality. The high dosages of resveratrol have prolonged the fish life by up to 50%. The fish weren’t so sclerotic, they remembered more. The autopsy has shown that they have more neurons in the brain now.

Previous research has shown that resveratrol effectively and multilaterally protects the cardiovascular system by reducing the blood vessel tension, preventing oxidation of "bad" cholesterol, preventing excessive blood clotting and significantly strengthening the body's antioxidant system which can truly be said to prolong the life. The effect of resveratrol on number of types of malignant cancer is also remarkably significant, the main thing is that resveratrol blocks all gradual process during which a healthy cell is transformed into a cancer cell.

Resveratrol is according to the agreement of professionals certified by centuries an active substance, but until now it has failed to reveal it, because of its effects were irreversible by the negative effect of a large amount of alcohol on strong drinkers.

Extract from resveratrol can be found in Activcell and Activresveratrol.


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