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40 lots of coffee. 500 mg in every Macy coffee.

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40 lots of coffee. 500 mg in every Macy coffee.

Maca - Peruvian Watercress - it is for its effects called "Peruvian blue pill" and it also contributes to the normal function of brain activity.

Maca is an ancient herb of Peruvian Andes. The current scientific research has confirmed its significant effect of improving the physical and mental performance, extension of life, and above all it has a significant impact on a reproductive health. Maca is a 100% safe with no side effects.

Maca is a plant in central Andes –born. According to the results of a research work it contains the calcium, phosphorus, iron, alkaloids, carbohydrates (levulose, maltose and starch, vitamin C and fatty acids).

Their main effects are: promotion of bones calcification, revitalization of neurons activity (brain cells), stimulating the production of red blood cells (maturing formation of red blood cells), stimulating the reproductive organs (for both sexes), it prevents to premature cells aging etc.

It is used against rickets and osteomalacia (decalcification of bones by children and adults), to reduce a physical and mental fatigue in different types of anemia, against the sterility in both women and men, it regulates the menstrual cycle by women and it relieves the impotence by men. It prevents to a premature aging and a physical weakness.

Its beneficial properties and usefulness is known long before the Spanish period and they are confirmed by current scientific knowledge.

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