Guarana tea lemon 109 g

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Guarana tea lemon

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Guarana - This is a climbing ker from the Amazon Plate in America. The name guarana (after the Spanish guarana) is derived from the name of the Guaranoian tribe, which is used by the guarana to encourage. In addition, the plant is used e.g. Against diarrhea and dysentery.
Guarana is known for its stimulating effects when it delivers energy, increases concentration, vitality and stamina. It is known to suppress fatigue, improve heart and blood circulation, affect the nervous and physical conditions, stimulate brain function and promote brain activity. It is suitable for nerve spasms, depression, and can be used for convalescence after long illness. It can weigh menstrual pain. It is ideal for both mental and physical exercise. In addition, Guarana may be part of reducing diets because it reduces appetite and stimulates fat loss. Guarana improves memory and focus. In Brazil, it is used as an excellent aphrodisiac.

  1. Extracts of natural extracts for a stronger effect

  2. Quick preparation - no need to take action

  3. It can melt cold or hot water up to 65 degrees

    Guarana extract
    Green tea extract
    Vitamin C

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