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Suppressor electromagnetic radiation

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Suppressor of electromagnetic radiation on computer

Electromagnetic Radiation

Nowadays, many people cannot imagine their life without modern equipment to facilitate their work. Modern devices use different technology and physical principles. One of them is the electromagnetic radiation.

Every appliance, which is powered by an electric current, acts on us by an electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation is considered as a form of matter, the carrier of energy is able to do the job.

It includes a wide range of wavelengths by which we distinguish different types of radiation, called - electromagnetic spectrum.

The biological significance of electromagnetic radiation spreading in free space.

The speed of light with different wavelengths is various.

The electromagnetic wave is characterized by the size and the direction of its electric and magnetic components. To the electromagnetic radiation we also calculate upon all of wavelengths from the longest to the shortest, i.e. long wave,( high-frequency) (HF), infrared.

Light, ultraviolet and ionizing (x-ray, radioactive and cosmic) radiation. The human eye is sensitive, however, only on a part of the electromagnetic emissions, which is called light. The source of radiation is accelerated motion of particles with an electric charge or changing the energy levels of the atom. Accordingly, the light sources emit radiation with continuous -spectrum or line – spectrum. These spectra can be observed as emission spectroscopy or absorption spectra.

A measure of the avoidance threshold is not only the intensity but also the application time. Product of the actual intensity field and duration of action is called irradiation. The most sensitive organs to the effects of electromagnetic fields are in addition to the nervous system also genitals and eyes. In chronic exposure to electromagnetic waves on human organism, it may appear other problems e.g. indigestion and etc. We can definitely say that electromagnetic radiation has bad effects on human body and it is necessary to protect yourself. There are a lot of protective equipment against electromagnetic radiation, one of is a Celtic spiral.

Celtic spiral is very effective shape radiator.

It is filled in a special way with a special conductive carbon paste.

Celtic spiral

It is a very effective radiator shape - biogenerator that generates bio-energy and emits it in the axial direction. It is a high frequency directional antenna whose efficiency is now measurable. The ancient Celts knew that when moving with a spiral in a place with a strong magnetic field, the spiral acts as the directional radio frequency emitter of energy, which can be for distance again received by the same spiral as by the antenna. The spiral shape has long been widely used in telecommunications, radar technology and other fields, the spiral shapes and are also used in scientific medicine, which are protected by several European and US patents. Celtic spiral shape is a powerful emitter – biogenerator that generates, adds and accumulates life energy essential for our existence.

Now, Celtic spiral produces energy, which is measurable with physical instruments, which are available.

Use of:

- the mobile phone / the battery cover / and the other appliances / from the back / the interference of electromagnetic radiation


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