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Activthermo Burner 120 capsules

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An unique mixture of synergistically active natural substances and information about their clinical studies and experience in reducing body weight.

L-carnitine is one of the most efficient fat burners. It is the basic transport system which transports molecules of the fatty acid at the place of power consumption; therefore, it is an essential condition for fat burning. It helps to transport a decomposed nutrient into cells, on what is primarily used a fat and it is transported to those parts of the cells where it is transformed into energy. In addition, L-carnitine supports the normal functioning of the heart, protects cardiac muscles from damage and has a positive impact on liver function and kidneys function.


• highly effective fat burner

• supports heart

• protects the hearts muscles from damage

• has a positive effect on the liver and kidneys

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Garcinia Cambogia is a tree growing wildly mainly in South India. Fruit contains ingredients that positively influence the overall reduction in weight and a reduction in the circuit. Regular use of Garcinia helps to bring under control the excessive overweight by the natural way. It is used in excess weight and obesity in all forms, regardless of its cause, whether it is a disease, a lack of exercise or an excessive intake of calories.

The scientists have found that of HCA (hydroxycitric acid) – a purely natural, non-toxic substance contained in the fruit Garcinia has the following effects:

• reduces appetite

• has a positive effect on the level of cholesterol

• prevents the deposition of fat and promotes calorie burning, the result is more power and reduced body weight

• affects serotonin levels.

HCA is more efficient in combination with chromium and with enough minerals.

By the Garcinia, there have been found no side effects.



• Improves mental health and performance.

• It is a powerful antioxidant.

• It operates in the flexibility of blood vessels.

• It helps to maintain normal cholesterol levels and heart function

• Great for keeping concentration, learning



Guarin is an active substance which guarana contains and extra double amount, like coffee contains caffeine. Guarin works very similarly to caffeine, but with the difference that, while the caffeine in coffee will give you quick energy after which there is a rapid attenuation, Guarin provides the body with energy gradually and longer than coffee and so can encourage the body throughout the day. Guarana does not over-acidify the body, so it is recommended to stimulate the body more than coffee. Moreover, besides coffee, it has no negative side effects.



Bitter orange

It contains vitamins A, B, C and P, flavonoids, carbohydrates, organic acids and mineral salts.

They have anti-scorbutic, revitalizing and invigorating effect. They are cholagogic, promote emptying of the gallbladder.

It is recommended in the following cases:

- -Infectious diseases, fever,

- Tiredness, fatigue,

- Malnutrition, anemia, rickets,

- Thrombosis, atherosclerosis and circulatory disorders in general.

Oranges decrease vascular viscosity and thank to the vitamin P they have a protective and a supportive effect on the vessels.




Black pepper contains a piperine compound, which is responsible for its unique flavor.

It contains vitamin C, which prevents the formation of free radicals. It is a natural antidepressant and stimulates the nervous system, thereby it improves memory. Black pepper helps to lose weight and effectively burns a belly fat.

Piperine is responsible for weight loss. This powerful substance stimulates the secretion of digestive juices and accelerates metabolism. Hereby, the use of piperine can burn calories effortlessly.

Black pepper:

• increases metabolism

• burns calories even hours after their adoption

• prevents the growth of fat cells

• inhibits fat storage

• helps to absorb nutrients from food

• is a natural antidepressant and mood enhancer

• is an antioxidant that fights against free radicals




It plays an important role in the activities of some enzymes. It interferes with the degradation of enzymes and their conversion into energy and the formation of some fats. It works together with insulin and thus it is essential for the body's ability to use sugar. Long term deficiency of chromium deteriorates the ability of the body to use the sugar, which leads to its increased amount in the blood.


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Warning! According to the EP and EC Council nr. 1924 year 2006, it cannot be attributed to any other dietary supplement nutrition and health claims except as permitted. This information refers to the general effects of the individual components of which you can read in encyclopedias and educational literature.

All information on nutrition and health claims are a set of information freely available from domestic and foreign sources of information and are not proof of the actual operation of supplements or their nutritional and medicinal properties. Unless the consumer wants accurate information based on professional and scientific studies, it is important to become familiar with them through all available sources of expertise. But the possible positive and adverse effect of a dietary supplement is always necessary to consult with your doctor before use!


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