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Powder to prepare an instant drink with a green apple flavor.

Guarana (Pauliniacupana) seed extract
10% caffeine
Vitamin C
Vitamin B6
Vitamin D3
Vitamin B12

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Tento produkt byl vyvíjen ve spolupráci s obecným fitness trenérem Jurajem Veselém. Produkt je zaměřen na energii před fyzickou aktivitou a regeneraci po tréninku.


Dietary supplement for active sportsmen. Powder for instant drink with green apple flavor.

An unique mixture of synergistically active natural substances and information about their clinical studies and experience for active sports.


Creatine increases physical performance during short-term of successive amounts during very intensive training.

It is the best-studied dietary supplement. Athletes use it to increase their strength and explosiveness. Enough creatine helps to maintain the optimal concentration of ATP (adenosine triphosphate – the immediately usable energy for muscle activity) as adequate supplies of creatine phosphate, which is necessary for increasing the volume of muscle cells and increasing the strength. Supplementation by creatine is the most suitable for short-term loads, such as boxing, bodybuilding, running for speed or hockey. Some water gets into the muscle along with creatine, it is so-called- hydration of cells, so that the muscle acts fuller and more robust. Thank to this hydration proteosynthesis increases and accelerates the anabolic (i. e. growing) processes. Higher amount of creatine in muscles causes rapid restoration of ATP, allowing harder training (and therefore faster muscles growth) and increased impulsiveness; on the other hand, it speeds up regeneration.



L-glutamine prevents catabolism (losing) of muscle mass. It helps to maintain the volume and hydration of cells, accelerates wound healing. Glutamine is the primary source of energy for your immune system. It improves the functioning of the intestines and a digestive tract. It increases the production of glycogen in the liver. It supports the production of growth hormone and testosterone. It adjusts balance and protein metabolism. It prevents the production of lactic acid in the muscles. It also strengthens ammonia excretion in the kidney. Further, it provides protection of the body against overtraining.

You definitely have not known this: Glutamine is even able to cure ulcers! Studies have shown that 1.6 g glutamine per day enhances healing speed by as much as 92%.Glutamine is the most proper for marking-out period. Taking glutamine after an exhausting workout can excessively prevent to the muscle devastation. No side effects were detected.



Generally, taurine helps to optimalize a cephalhaemia, tones the body, increases concentration, physical performance and responses and prepares the body for the increased burden to the overall well being. Taurine protects the brain from neurotoxic activity of other amino acids. Thus it protects nerve cells from damage. It controls the level of fluid in muscles, by "stretching out" of glucose and amino acids into muscle cells.

Its effect can be compared to an insulin action, thus in fact taurine is acting anabolic, and it promotes, increases and gives the strength to the muscles, without lowering the blood glucose level. It also has a significant effect in reducing the levels of lactic acid, which is important for athletes, in intensive training or by hard working people. Thank to hydration, taurine increases the volume of muscle cells and helps maintain the balance of minerals, and thus it suppresses the risk of muscle cramps. It contains 50% of free amino acids of the heart – it has the effect on blood pressure, heart muscle (myocardium) and it decreases atherosclerosis in heart arteries. Its deficiency causes damage to the heart muscle (myocardium).

It participates in the metabolism and digestion of fats, has beneficial effects on cholesterol. Physiologists for decades have known the basic function of taurine in the conversion of cholesterol to bile acids. With the lack of taurine is therefore coupled lack of bile acids, which are essential to ensure good digestion of fats. If you have trouble with digestion of fats, the cause can also be seen in the lack of taurine. It has a beneficial feature for the body, due to which decreases the surface tension, which makes the function in the digestion of fats in the small intestine. It is also involved in sperm production and bile, and controls the constant level of calcium in blood. It is written about taurine that, taurine is able to get rid of toxins from the human body.



The L-citrulline increases energy and stimulates the immune system. It also helps the body recover from the junky ammonia. Its other effects are as follows: improves healing, reduces fatigue, and improves congestion of tissues and a movement of energy into the muscle. It increases resistance of the muscle against a lactic acid. Together with arginine it is a component of many products that helps to improve the quality of sexual life. Citrulline is directly absorbed into the blood and establishes there the supply for the metabolic conversion to L-arginine and it is made by the same physiological effects on the blood vessels, as in the case of L-arginine. L-citrulline is from the view of the formation of action faster and more appropriate source of signal molecules of nitric oxide. Simply, it can be characterized as circulatory choke. It helps to restore sources of immediate energy (ATP) and thanks to this; it increases the power in an achievement and delays the feeling of fatigue.


L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine are the branched chains of amino acids, in which it cannot be synthesize from available resources in the body, therefore, animals must take it from the food. Together they represent an immediate source of energy, because they are available directly from the blood stream, where they pass into the muscle cells, which protect and increase their volume.

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POTASSIUM contributes to the proper functioning of muscles and nervous system.

GUARANA supports physical and mental activity and contributes to control the body weight and metabolism of fats.

MAGNESIUM helps to reduce fatigue and exhaustion, electrolyte balance, the proper functioning of muscles, normal protein synthesis.

Vitamin C contributes to the proper metabolism important for energy production, protecting cells from oxidative stress, reducing fatigue and exhaustion, the proper functioning of the immune system.

ZINC contributes to proper metabolism of macronutrients and carbohydrates and proper protein synthesis.

Vitamin B6 contributes to the normal metabolism of protein and glycogen synthesis, to proper formation of red blood cells, to proper functioning of the immune system and reducing fatigue and exhaustion.

Vitamin D helps to maintain the proper functioning of muscles and the immune system

Vitamin B12 contributes to proper metabolism important for energy production, to proper formation of red blood cells and reducing fatigue and exhaustion.

Formula                               Content in a daily dose

4 teaspoons                        (25.7 grams)

Creatine monohydrate       3000 mg *

L-Glutamine                        2000 mg *

Taurine                               1000 mg *

L- citrulline                          1000 mg *

L-leucine                             1000 mg *

L-isoleucine                     500 mg *

L-Valine                             500 mg *

Potassium                       400 mg (20% RVH)

Guarana (Pauliniacupana) extract from

seeds, 10% caffeine         300 mg (30 mg of caffeine)*

Magnesium                      150 mg (40% RVH)

Vitamin C                         80 mg (100% RVH)

Zinc                                 10 mg (100% RVH)

Vitamin B6                    1.4 mg (100% RVH)

Thiamin                           1.1 mg (100% RVH)

Vitamin D3                     5 mcg (100% RVH)

Vitamin B12                 2.5 mg (100% RVH)

*RVH = nutrient reference value

Instructions for use: The recommended daily dose is: 2 to 4 teaspoons of powder dissolve in 300 ml of water and drink it. Take 30-60 minutes before physical activity or training. We recommend for a drink preparation some sheik. Any insoluble retractions are not ad damnum.

Contents weight: 385,5g

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Warning! According to the EP and ES Council nr. 1924 from the year 2006 cannot be attributed to any dietary supplement other nutrition and health claims except as permitted. These information refer to the general effects of the components of which you can read in encyclopedias and educational literature.

All information on nutrition and health claims are a set of freely available information from domestic and foreign information sources and are not the proof of the actual acting of supplements or their nutritional and medicinal effects. Unless the consumer wants accurate information based on professional and scientific studies, it is important to familiarize yourself with them by using all available sources of expertise. But the possible positive and adverse effects of a dietary supplement should always be consulted with your doctor before use.

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